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Unit 8, Camp Hill Industrial Estate, Pool Road, Nuneaton, CV10 9AQ, Warwickshire

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About Us

Handcrafted From Scratch

We make handcrafted, made from scratch and delightful sourdough doughnuts thanks to Clémmie, our robust mother sourdough starter, slow acting yeast and exceedingly good locally sourced ingredients. We also specialise in making delicious handmade sweet and savoury bakery treats.

 Täartie’s sourdough doughnuts are made fresh in the very early morning hours on the day on which they are sold, i.e. whilst you are sleeping and are made in small batches to ensure quality.

All of the fillings and glazes used in our doughnuts are made in-house from scratch. Our doughnuts are free of trans-fats and free of chemicals and preservatives, basically nothing you cannot pronounce. Our sourdough doughnuts are truly handcrafted from scratch – hand mixed, hand kneaded, hand rolled, hand cut, hand fried, hand filled and hand glazed Our vision statement is simple: to deliver utter joy every single day by making the best and most delicious bakery items in the world.

Why Sourdough Doughnuts

Our Sourdough doughnuts are actually more nutritious than the grain from which they are made, because the sourdough helps the nutrients and minerals present in the doughnut to be released and so make them easier to digest and more accessible for the body, thus making our sourdough doughnuts more easily digested than other gluten products.  The most important reason as to why we use sourdough in our doughnuts is because it makes our doughnuts absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious. 

Quality Over Quantity

    Our delicious sourdough doughnuts are made from scratch and from start to finish, the process of making our sourdoughdoughnuts takes 72 hours, and includes an 18 hour fermentation period in the fridge. We begin the process with Stoneground unbleached flour, add free range eggs from a local family poultry farm and then add our beautiful sourdough starter. Our sourdough doughnut selections change daily and sell out quickly. All of Täartie’s fruit glazes are made with fresh fruit and powdered sugar—no purées or processed syrups. Our delicious fillings, like our French custard and lemon glaze are all cooked in house from scratch.